Bettina Funcke

Bettina Funcke is a writer and editor based in New York City. She is currently editing a book on the history of PS1. From 2012 to 2017 she taught in the Masters Program in Critical Theory & the Arts at the School of Visual Arts.. From the course description: In my seminar with Jay Sanders, “The Situation of the Arts: The Level of the Problem”, we examine what artists are doing today, with attention to their interests and challenges, their material and methodologies, and how they situate their work. Over the course of the year we disentangle some of the transgressions and struggles of the last sixty years of art in order to better understand the tensions in art’s desire to find a role in the general culture while simultaneously guarding its place as an intimate endeavor that insists on its own autonomy and history. We’ve recently talked to Laura Poitras, Sarah Michelson, John Knight, Christopher Williams, Kenneth Goldsmith, Claire Bishop, and Scott Rothkopf.

From 2009 to 2012, Funcke was Head of Publications for dOCUMENTA (13) where she edited the exhibition catalogs and the extensive publication series 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts. From 2006 to 2010 she was the US editor of Parkett magazine. She was a book editor at the Dia Art Foundation from 1999 to 2005. 

Funcke has lectured widely and internationally on aesthetics and art. She is the author of the book Pop or Populus: Art between High and Low (Sternberg Press, 2009). Her writings on contemporary art have been widely published, in magazines including Mousse, Afterall, Artforum, Bookforum, Parkett, Public, Speculations, and Texte zur Kunst, and in monographic artist books. She has written essays on the work of artists and thinkers including Wade Guyton, Gerard Byrne, Jacques Rancière, and Sarah Morris, and has taken part in conversations with, among others, Laura Poitras, Graham Harman, Peter Sloterdijk, Georgia Sagri, Carol Bove, Josh Smith, and Johanna Burton.

She is a co-founder of The Leopard Press and the Continuous Project group.

Bettina FunckeBettina Funcke

Pop or Populus: Art Between High and Low, Sternberg Press, 2009. With image treatments by Wade Guyton

Pop oder Populus. Kunst zwischen High und Low, Walther König, 2007


Selected Essays

Be with the Trouble: Cultural Appropriation in America, Die Springerin, (Deutsche) 2018

Be with the Trouble: Cultural Appropriation in America, Die Springerin (English) 2018

Robert Whitman in the 21st Century, in Legacy of E.A.T.: Collaboration and Interaction, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2018

Staged Objects: Georgia Sagri in Conversation with Bettina Funcke and John Kelsey, Braunschweig Kunstverein und Portikus, Sternberg Press, 2018

Placing the Present in Relation to the Present, in Now - Tomorrow - Flux: An Anthology on the Museum of Contemporary Art, Migros Museum 2017

Lesser New York: Fia Backström and Bettina Funcke in Conversation, Greater New York, PS1, 2015

Has the Readymade Lost Its Power?, Spike, 2017

Copying: A Primer Mousse #49, 2015

Not Objects so Much As Images: A Response to Graham Harman’s “Greenberg, Duchamp, and the Next Avant-Garde, Speculations, 2014

Shift to Liquid: Sarah Morris, 2013

So While in One Sense She Shares a Space with the Animal, in Another She Doesn’t: Elad Lassry, 2010

Luchas Desplazadas: Sobre Rancière y el Mundo del Arte, 2010

They Like to Look at Pictures: Richard Phillips, 2009

If Josh Were… On Josh Smith, 2009

Verortetes Ringen: Jacques Rancière und die Politik der Kunst, 2008

You See? Gerard Byrne’s Reconstructions, 2008

Joseph Beuys: Charlatanism as Media Strategy, 2008

Over hetgevaar van beelden: Wade Guyton, 2008

Readymade Operations: On the Difference between Readymades and Appropriation, 2008

Displaced Struggles. Jacques Rancière’s Politics of Art, 2007

On the Risk of Images: Wade Guyton, 2007

Robert Whitman’s Local Report and Other Telecommunication Projects, 2007

Erinnerungen an die Poetik des Anfangens, 2007

Revealed in Reproduction: Christopher Wool’s Books and Paintings, 2006

La Passion Pop, 2005

From Dusk ‘til Dawn: T. J. Wilcox, 2005

Andy Warhol’s Aufhebungen: Spuren einer Produktionsformel in der heutigen Kunstlandschaft in New York, 2004


Selected Conversations

Intimate Cacophonies: An Exchange Regarding 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts. With Andrew Weiner, 2014

Artist Publishers: in Conversation with Antoine Lefebvre, 2013

On Education and the Prudery of Dissatisfaction: In Conversation with Robert Hullot-Kantor, 2013

Pop Right Now: Roundtable, Kaleidoscope, 2011

Pastiche or Appropriative Thinking: A Conversation with Carol Bove, 2009

A Conversation with Johanna Burton, Guyton\Walker, 2008

Melanie Gilligan: On Her Performance and Script The Miner’s Object, 2006

Against Gravity: Talking to Peter Sloterdijk about His Sphere Trilogy, 2005

What Does It Mean When Artists Curate? A Conversation with Fia Backström, 2004